3 Ways Arkansas Chiropractic Group Treats Car Accident Patients

Here at Arkansas Chiropractic Group, we have been serving car accident patients for over 18 years. Our team specializes in treating injuries caused by car accidents and helping our patients get on the road to recovery quickly.

Most of our car accident patients are not responsible for any out-of-pocket costs. It is the insurance of the person who caused the accident that will usually cover your bill. Read more below to find 3 ways Arkansas Chiropractic Group treats car accident patients.

“Everyone from the office management to the misuse and of course the chiropractor themselves. They are excellent, caring people. ” – patient testimonial

We Specialize in Motor Vehicle Accident Injuries

At Arkansas Chiropractic Group, we specialize in treating muscle and tissue injuries caused by car accidents. When treating someone who has been in an accident, we are looking through a different lens to find common injuries associated with a collision.

It can often take up to 2-3 days before you recognize post-accident symptoms and truly feel the effects of an accident. We are equipped and familiar with treating patients who have been injured in a car accident.

Injured in an Accident? We Help You File Your Claim

When someone has a vehicle collision, it is much more than just a musculoskeletal injury that occurs. A car crash can be a very stressful situation both mentally and emotionally, especially if you have been injured.

We not only get you on the road to recovery physically, but we also help you document your injury, so it will make it easier to file your claim.

Get a Quick Turnaround

Insurance companies often require that a doctor documents your injuries.

At Arkansas Chiropractic Group, we will document your injuries for the insurance companies. We do this every day and will guide you through this process.

We Have Treated Car Accident Patients for Over 18 Years

Schedule your appointment today and let Arkansas Chiropractic Group help you get back on the road to recovery. Was your car totaled due to your accident? Ask us about our transportation services to and from your appointments.

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Real People Experiencing Real Transformation

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How Arkansas Chiropractic Works for You

Arkansas Chiropractic Group specializes in treating injuries caused by car accidents and helping our patients get back on the road to recovery!