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Arkansas’s Auto Injury Chiropractor

Arkansas Chiropractic Group, a leading auto-accident injury chiropractor in the state, has been dedicated to helping our patients along the road to recovery since 1998. We specialize in providing relief to patients who have suffered from car accident injuries through the use of chiropractic medicine and related therapies. Our services have expanded to cover a comprehensive wellness network with chiropractor locations in Little Rock, North Little Rock, Fort Smith, Forrest City, Pine Bluff, and West Memphis.

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Top Notch Auto Injury Chiropractor Care

Arkansas Chiropractic Group specializes in treating muscle and tissue injuries resulting from car accidents, along with providing general chiropractic care and related therapies for our patients. If you have sustained an injury in a car accident, contact Arkansas Chiropractic Group for expert care to help you get back on the road to recovery.


Frances E.

“After my car wreck, they gave me special care and are helping me through all the pain I’ve suffered.”


LaTasha T.

“They have a complete professional, helpful, staff. I would recommend them to anyone.”


Samantha F.

“This place is absolutely amazing! The staff go above and beyond to make sure you’re taken care of.”

Steps to Take Immediately After an Accident

Accidents happen, and when they do, it’s essential to know what steps to take. 


Check for Injuries

First, make sure you and your passengers are okay. If anyone is injured, dial 911 immediately. If someone is seriously hurt, don’t move them and wait for emergency help.


Move Somewhere Safe

If you can, move your vehicle to the side of the road or a sidewalk to avoid further danger. If your car’s not drivable or it’s unsafe to move, just focus on getting yourself to a safe spot.


Call 9-1-1

Whether it’s a minor scrape or a major collision, it’s crucial to involve the police. They’ll file a report, which can be helpful for insurance claims later on. If they can’t come to the scene, head to the nearest police station to file a report.


Exchange & Document

Immediately swap contact and insurance details, and document the scene. Gather names, policy numbers, driver’s licenses, and take photos of both vehicles, damage, and the scene from multiple angles. Record details of all involved, including witnesses, without discussing fault. This prepares you for insurance and potential legal needs.


Call Arkansas Chiropractic Group

 If you’ve been in an accident, it’s wise to get checked out by professionals, even if you don’t feel injured immediately. We’re here to help assess potential injuries and provide the necessary care to get you back on the road to recovery. We can help you document any injuries, making it easier for you to file your claim.


Call Your Attorney

It’s always a good idea to have legal counsel, especially when dealing with insurance claims and potential liabilities.

Stay safe out there, and remember, we’re here for you if you need us.

Car Accident Chiropractic Care In Six Locations

At Arkansas Chiropractic Group, we offer specialized care to meet the unique needs of patients who have sustained injuries in car accidents, including common ailments such as whiplash, low back pain, neck pain, arthritis,  muscle and joint pain that are often associated with high-impact trauma. Our team of experts can construct a tailored plan for each patient to help alleviate their symptoms and achieve a full recovery. We have six convenient locations throughout Arkansas where you can visit us and receive the care you need.

Forrest City

Arkansas Chiropractic Group
307 North Washington
Forrest City, AR 72335

North Little Rock

Arkansas Chiropractic Group
4196 East McCain
North Little Rock, AR 72117

Fort Smith

Arkansas Chiropractic Group
1301 S Waldron Rd, Suite C
Fort Smith, AR 72903

Pine Bluff

Arkansas Chiropractic Group
1421 S. Cherry Street
Pine Bluff, AR 71601

Little Rock

Arkansas Chiropractic Group
6801 W 12th Street, Suite E
Little Rock, AR 72204

West Memphis

Arkansas Chiropractic Group
500 Missouri
West Memphis, AR 72301

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We provide safe, high-quality chiropractic care and therapeutic treatments to patients who have sustained injuries in car accidents. Our experienced and friendly chiropractors are committed to ensuring that you always feel at ease, well-informed, and free from pain. Whether you require help for back pain, neck pain, or other auto accident-related injuries, we are here to help you find relief. Schedule an appointment today by clicking the button below.