Arkansas Chiropractic Group specializes in treating muscle and tissue injuries caused by car accidents, in addition to providing general chiropractic care and related therapies to our patients.

Chiropractic Treatment

Our doctors specialize in chiropractic medicine that treats back pain, neck pain, migraine headaches, and other common injuries suffered by those who have been hurt in a car accident. Spinal manipulation, or spinal adjustment, helps provide pain relief following an accident. It can also be used to treat other issues, such as asthma, limb and joint pain, muscle spasms, allergies, spastic colon, headaches, and migraines. Chiropractic isn’t just for your joints and spine– it helps the muscles surrounding them function as well!


We offer various therapies to accompany your chiropractic treatment, including massage therapy by a licensed masseuse! Therapy, especially for muscle, joint, and soft tissue injuries can provide pain relief by decreasing inflammation and increasing blood flow, which helps the healing process. Our therapy treatments include ultrasound, muscle stimulation, spinal decompression, traction, thermal therapy, and exercise therapy.

Appointment Transportation

If you’ve recently been in a car accident, you may not currently have the transportation you require to get to and from your appointment. This is especially common for our patients whose vehicles have been totaled or are in the repair process. Your care is important to us, so we have transportation options to help get you to your appointment with us! Please contact our staff at your local Arkansas Chiropractic Group clinic to learn about which transportation options may be available to you.

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