Claims & Settlements

Arkansas Chiropractic Group has specialized in helping patients who have been injured in a car accident work through their car accident claims & settlements for over twenty years. We don’t get paid until your case settles – it’s that simple.

Car Accident Claims & Settlements

We will help you through the car accident claims & settlements process. From filing a car claim to processing your car claim settlement, we will help make the process as quick and smooth as possible. Following a car accident that results in a personal injury, you may be flooded with phone calls, texts, and mailers regarding car repairs, collision coverage, and insurance information. Our goal is to help take the confusion out of the claim process by assisting with the following:

  • Assisting you in setting up your car accident claim and giving you a copy of your police report
  • Documenting your car accident injury for maximum compensation from the insurance company
  • Getting your records to the insurance company the day after you are released from care; most offices take weeks to do this, delaying your settlement
  • Offering you transportation to and from our clinic if you are waiting for your vehicle to be repaired

We understand that when you are out of work or short on cash due to a car accident, medical bills are the last thing you need. That’s why we bill the responsible party and receive payment from them – not you. After a car accident, it is tempting to make a quick settlement with the car insurance company. Quick settlements often mean smaller payouts, and you likely won’t be able to settle for nearly as much as your car claim is worth.

Any insurance company looking to make a reasonable offer will require that your injuries are documented, such as a written statement from a doctor. This documentation can often lead to a car accident claim being worth three or four times as much. We know what the insurance company should give you and will help put more money in your pocket.

Arkansas Chiropractic Group has been helping car accident patients on the road to recovery for over 20 years. Contact us today to learn more about our car insurance claim process and how we can help you file a claim and get the car accident settlement you need. Learn more about the chiropractic services and treatments we offer.