Not everyone has gone to a chiropractor before. So, what can you expect during your first chiropractic visit? Dr. Patrick Carolan, one of the chiropractors here at Arkansas Chiropractic Group, is going to explain.

What to Expect During Your First Chiropractic Visit

First, you are going to start off with the paperwork. This often consists of medical history, insurance information, and general patient information. Get a jump on the process by downloading your new patient paperwork before your initial visit.

Next, you will be brought back into a room where I will do a consultation with you and you’ll explain what your injuries are. Then I’ll do a full chiropractic exam on you. We will do orthopedic tests, range of motion tests, and I’ll find out where your problems are. At that point, we will also do X-rays if needed. Then, on your next visit, we will sit down and explain everything to you.

Finally, we have three different phases of care. The first phase is to get you out of pain. The second phase is the rehabilitation for the injury. And the third phase is to stabilize, so your pain does not come back. That’s what you can expect during your first chiropractic visit with Arkansas Chiropractic Group.  We have six locations in Arkansas, schedule your appointment today!


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